D&D Condition Effect Rings (48 PCS)

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This is the perfect tool to have in your DM kit! Tracking condition effects has never been easier!

This set includes 48 Condition Markers:
x2 Blinded
x2 Charmed
x2 Concentration
x2 Deafened
x2 Exhausted
x2 Frightened
x2 Grappled
x2 Incapacitated
x2 Invisible
x2 Paralyzed
x2 Petrified
x2 Poisoned
x2 Prone
x2 Restrained
x2 Stunned
x2 Unconscious
x2 Hex
x2 Hunter's Mark
x2 Bane
x2 Banished
x2 Blessed
x2 Cursed
x2 Raging
x2 Faerie Fire