Potion of Healing Dice

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Every D&D party needs Healing Potions and here is your chance to grab a few from the store before you head out on your next adventure!

Each Potion comes in a corked glass bottle with Red translucent D4 Dice:

4 Potion types are available:

  • Regular - x2 D4 Dice
  • Greater - x4 D4 Dice
  • Superior- x8 D4 Dice
  • Supreme- x10 D4 Dice

Or purchase a Triple Potion Pack which includes:

  • x1 Regular + x1 Greater + x1 Superior!


Specifications (Bottle)

  • Bottle: Glass 
  • Lid: Cork
  • Size: 70mmx30mm
  • Weight: 21g (empty)

 *All Potions come with the same default sticker regardless of selected type.